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A brand-new roof installation can be a challenging task, needing the appropriate specialist to ensure an effective and worry-free process. A practical and also affordable choice would be to work with professional roofing contractors who are local. Besides offering your residence a brand-new, upgraded look, you're supporting your local community.

Local roofing experts have thorough understanding of the area's unique issues as well as weather patterns, providing a wide range of services from free roofing quotes, maintenance to complete roof replacement.

Nevertheless, with numerous residential or commercial roof installation solutions available on the market, it can be frustrating to figure out where to begin.

Fear not, as this comprehensive guide will equip you with all the knowledge needed to select the right local roof installation service.   We will do our best to cover all aspects of roof installation, roofing types and how to find the best roofing contractor in your area.

Metal Roof Installation

On average metal roofs last twice as long as asphalt shingle roof and can last from 50 and all the way to 70 years. Metal roofing if installed correctly has very tight edges and because of the nature of metal roofing cannot tear. Due to metal strength and sturdiness metal roof installation are a popular choice.

Metal is more costly, however, due to the special installation techniques and equipment needed to install them.  One more advantage of metal roofing is that it is fireproof. It is safer than many other products due to the fact that it will not catch fire from lightning strikes or chimney fires. It is more energy-efficient than some other roof covering kinds due to the fact that metal is reflective and stands up to taking in UV light.

The cost to mount a metal roofing system ranges per square foot. Your complete price includes materials, labor, and any extra expenses like insulation or fasteners. You'll also have to factor in things like permits and inspections.

Tile Roof Installation

Another super-durable material is tile. The tiles used in roofing are made of terracotta (clay), slate, and concrete (all natural materials). Natural materials like clay and concrete, are practically indestructible. No worrying about wind or heavy rain damage with this type of roofing. When installed, they add a beautiful touch to any stately home or building.

If you’re looking for strength and beauty, a tile roof will fit your needs perfectly. Tile roofing material is known to be resilient, energy-efficient and friendly to the environment, Tiles have a natural arch that allows ventilation. The arch stops heat from being trapped inside the attic and this keeps the inside temperature down. Tile roofing is thought to reduce energy costs by around 20%.  

Roofing tiles can also be repurposed if in the future homeowner decides to reinstall your roof using another roofing material. Roofing tiles if needed can be custom molded in order to fit roofs with different shapes.  

Because of sturdiness, versatility and curb appeal tile roof installation investment is a lot more than metal or very popular asphalt shingles. To install brand new tile roof could cost between $8 and $25-$30 per sq. ft. Price, of course depends on the actual tile material that was decided on. At the lowest tier an average 1,500 sq. ft. roof could cost over $12,000.

Flat Roof Installation

There are two very popular flat roofing material types that homeowners and commercial property owners choose for their flat roof installation here in Florida. One is Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO and the second is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM rubber. Both roofing materials damage resistant and can hold their own during heavy Florida rains and strong winds. Which make this roof type very popular in Florida due to our annual hurricane season.

Choosing TPO roofing or EPDM roof types will keep you from needing to be thinking about roofing repairs for 30 to 50 years. Both roofing types can also lower your energy costs along with being water-resistant and durable.

EPDM roofing is an affordable option because it lasts longer than other materials like asphalt shingles and slate roofs. People go with this option if they want to more roofing years for their money. Usually the price per square foot of EPDM roofing goes from $4.25 to $12-$15. For example, using the lower pricing you could be investing close to $6,800 to install 1,500 sq. ft. roof.

Asphalt Shingles Installation

One of the most popular roofing materials in the recent years have been asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingle roof tiles are available in different colors like brown, black, dark and light gray. Homeowner can easily match their home exterior with this roofing type. That and the price of asphalt shingle roof installation makes this roofing type very popular among Florida homeowners.

Shingles are made with three layers of asphalt-based material that are laminated together. They are sturdy and will last 20 -30 years, but can be damaged by rain or wind storms over time.

The cost to install asphalt ahingles is roughly $1 to $2 per square foot, which makes them an affordable option. A bundle of shingles covers 33 square feet and 3 bundles cover 100 square feet. You should plan on spending $1,600 plus labor to cover a roof that is 1,500 square feet.

Residential Roof Installation

It is obvious that a sound roof protect the home interior form elements and prevents moisture intrusion. Residential roof installation refers to the installation of brand new roofing on residential homes. In a lot of instances it would be possible to just install a new roof on top of the roof that is already there. But it is always best to remove the old roof and install brand new one.

Whatever roofing materials are used for residential roof installation like tile, metal, asphalt shingles or flat roofing are also used in commercial roof installation applications. Southeastern Roofers can help you make an educated decision on what is the best roofing material for your home and your budget. Our local roofing contractors can also provide you with a free residential roofing installation quote no matter what type of roofing material you choose.

Commercial Roof Installation

Like residential roof installation, commercial roof installation process requires the same materials and techniques for businesses and commercial properties as well.

After roofing installation process is over and done with commercial roofs will also require repair and maintenance to last for years and hold up to the elements. Skilled roofing professionals at Southeastern Roofers Inc can help you make and educated decision on what materials to use for your new roof and keep it looking new through periodic maintenance.

It’s important to find a local commercial roofing company that you can work with long-term. They will have the experience and skills required for the job and you already know the quality of their work.

What to Look for in Roof Installation Contractors

When undertaking any new project, it’s important to do your research. Picking a local roof installation contractors should take into account the following factors:

1. License and insurance requirements: You should verify that the contractor you hire possesses the necessary licenses and insurance.

2. Experience and reputation: Inquire about the company's experience in the field, how long they've been in operation, as well as their track record of client satisfaction.

3. Quality of workmanship and materials: A good roof installation company will use high-quality products and materials when working on your home. Also, they will ensure that every piece is placed correctly to ensure long-term durability.

4. Customer service and communication: The service you pick should be available by phone or via the internet and should respond to questions promptly.

5. Transparency: A reputable company will discuss pricing and give you a written estimate if asked.

Tips for Working with Local Roof Installation Contractors

● Establish clear expectations and timelines

● Communicate effectively with your contractor

● Prepare for the installation process

When working with a local roof installation contractor, it’s important to set up clear expectations and timeframes to make sure the project goes off without a hitch. The first stage is to precisely define the project's scope and the particular services that the contractor will offer.

It should clearly spell out the task that needs to be done, the needed supplies, and the deadline. A realistic schedule that accounts for any potential delays, such as bad weather, should be established.

Establishing clear lines of communication with your contractor is the next step. If you agree to speak weekly, make sure to have the contractor's phone number on hand.

Periodically checking in with your contractor can reassure you that everything is going according to plan, and any issues that come up can be handled quickly without disrupting the progress.

Planning out the installation process carefully is essential to ensuring the success of your roofing project. Homeowners should clear the space around their house or structure before a roofing crew begins installation so that the workers have access to everything they need and can protect landscaping or outdoor furniture.

Free Roof Installation Quotes in St. Augustine

If you are looking for free roof installation quotes from a professional roof installation contractors who are local, licensed and insured and experienced then call our office and let’s get your residential or commercial roof installation process started.

Whether you need tile roofing installation, flat roof or tile roof installation services you can rest assured that you will be dealing with local roofing experts that use only the highest quality roofing materials and pride themselves on our past customers satisfaction.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in residential and commercial roofing. We proudly serve St. Augustine and the surrounding areas. Call us today for a free quote!


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